Poltrona Frau: the most contemporary evolution of comfort

16 - 06 - 2017

The historic company from Tolentino introduces a new and fascinating catalogue that investigates the relationship between the natural landscape and the spiritual dimension. An aesthetic transposition of an intimate, almost emotional, research of the idea of absolute comfort.
The iconic pieces of Poltrona Frau are displayed in our showrooms of Inverigo and Milano Durini. Discover Bretagne and Massimosistema sofa, two iconic products characterised by a unique style, together with Grantorino, born from the genius of Jean-Marie Massaud and inspired by the world of saddlery.

Our stores are open at the following times:

Salvioni Inverigo
Monday from 2.30pm until 7pm
From Tuesday to Saturday from 9am until 12.30pm – from 2.30pm until 7pm

Salvioni Milano Durini
Monday from 3pm until 7pm
From Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until 7pm

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