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Boffi official dealer

Reference point of the international design scene, Boffi is a company of innovation, experimentation and luxury applied to the kitchen. The heart of the brand is the huge and avant-garde production headquarters of Lentate sul Seveso, close to Milan, where all the production processes of the numerous models in the catalog are fully managed. The company was founded in the ’30s by Piero Boffi and soon developed a position of leadership in the sector, distinguishing itself for a style recognizable by taste, measure, cleanliness and functionality. The more recently company divisions relating to bathrooms and wardrobes are part of this line of aesthetic and productive excellence.

Boffi kitchens

Since the ’50s Boffi linked itself to avant-garde design, proposing the first colored kitchens available on the market. In the following decade, under the artistic direction of Luigi MassoniBoffi kitchens stood out as a symbol of modernity and attracted the international attention. The Minikitchen model by Joe Colombo dates back to those years, an original monoblock kitchen on wheels, and the Xila modular kitchen, the first without handles.

The collaboration with Antonio Citterio dates back to the ’80s and signed the Factory kitchen with a high-tech aesthetic. In the 90s the company passed into the hands of Roberto Gavazzi, who named Piero Lissoni as new artistic director. A renewed focus on the ecological sustainability of the production processes led to a period of great creativity, in which models such as April and Open by Piero Lissoni or the Salinas kitchen by Patricia Urquiola saw the light.

The models of Norbert Wangen are included in the range of Boffi kitchens, including the K2 kitchen which, thanks to a series of ingenious technical solutions, is able to adapt even to very small spaces and is also available in the outdoor version. Being luxury kitchens, Boffi compositions are always accompanied by modern appliances of the best brands to ensure high-level functionality and durability over time. The kitchen area is completed by special collections of Boffi tables and chairs.

Boffi bathrooms

The Boffi bathroom furniture line was founded in 1980 and has been enriched over the years by the collaboration of many important designers. From bathroom furniture to sinks, Boffi collection includes all the products needed to furnish the bathroom. Wide and precious is also the collection of bath tubs with sculptural shapes, such as the Sand bath by Naoto Fukasawa or the Iceland model by Piero Lissoni. Iconic is even the Pipe shower taps by Marcel Wanders, playful and colorful.

Boffi official dealer

Salvioni presents different models of Boffi kitchens and bathrooms displayed in the shwrooms of Inverigo and Lugano. Our interior designers offer a bespoke consultation service and propose to the clients detailed preventives, helping them with care and attention in the realization of the projects of their dreams. The great proximity to the Boffi company showroom in Lentate sul Seveso also offers the possibility to see directly all the catalog pieces.