Ceccotti official dealer

Ceccotti Collezioni, which has been established in Tuscany by few workers , is nowadays one of the leading furniture company able to combine the artisanal know-how and contemporary aesthetic .

Ceccotti furnitures

The Cecccotti’s items and collections speak many languages, acquired from cooperation with international designers . Real acrobats in style, able to set in perfect balance shapes and thoughts, as to create unique products, sometimes realized in limited editions.

Ceccotti Collezioni pieces of furniture are the results principally of great skill in artisanal wood manufacturing , joint together with other materials such as glass, fabric, leather and metal . Each furniture object is composed by different joinable parts: uncommon shapes, which are poesy by themselves, and become art when assembled.

Last, but not least, company’s add-value is to use ecological material . Tested plantations as well as recycle of raw material and re-forming of new forests are more than simple words.