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Bike Forma DDC53L

Finishing: Black colour finishing
Measures: W 119 cm x D 60 cm x H 139 cm

The exercise bike Forma is a silent and stable tool that simulates on the road cycling experience thanks to its close pedals. It offers three different riding mode and training positions; from the “standard” one, to the “city bike”, ending with the “race” mode, perfect for toning leg muscles, comfortably leaning against the elbows supports of the handlebar.
It is equipped with the most modern heart rate monitoring technology system, ensuring a safe and risk-free training.

Max. consumption: 50 VA

Tool weight: 61 kg

Max user weight: 160 kg (352 lb)

Speed: 0.8 – 16 km/h (0.5 – 9.9 mph)

Difficulty levels: 0-12


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