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Treadmill Spazio Forma DDI52L

Finishing: Black colour finishing
Measures: W 206 cm x D 79 cm x H 138 cm

The treadmill Spazio Forma is a professional training tool suitable for domestic use. Extremely useful and functional, can be closed at the end of the work out session, with a size format smaller than a squared meter, and moved with the help of the small wheels.
Thanks to the new content and smart functions, it offers a wide range of simple and effective cardio exercises. The CPR system (Constant Pulse Rate) monitors heart performance and automatically adjustes speed and gradient, while the new Hand Sensors and the chest strap follow the heart rate, ensuring a safe and risk-free training.

The tool is equipped with a comfortable iPad support.

Max. consumption: 1500 VA

Tool weight: 160 kg

Max user weight: 130 kg (285 lb)

Speed: 0.8 – 16 km/h (0.5 – 9.9 mph)

Inclination: 0-12 %

Running mat: L 141 cm x P 48 cm


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