ivano redaelli
Finishing: Black epoxy paint
Measures: W 55 cm x D 55 cm x H 156 cm

Characterised by a black painted stainless steel tubular frame, Voilà is the valet stand conceived by Studiopepe for Ivano Redaelli maison. Flawless and elegant, it has a three feet structure that supports a black painted cyrcular metal lamp, a removable inlaid Canaletto walnut top, and small hanger. The attention for details and the extravagant is visible in the matte gold finishing of the stainless steel joints. Sophisticated and luxurious with a retro taste, it adds an elegant twist to the design of the modern master bedroom.

List price € 1812,00 each
Outlet price € 1268,00* each
*Transport and assembling not included in the price.