Finishing: 100% wool
Measures: W 250 cm x D 250 cm

Made according to old Swedish weaving traditions it well represents the timeless taste of Kashtall maison. The wool woven Arkad rug, is a versatile complement rich of history with a northener-folklore twist.

Aftercare: To help preserve the original appearance of the product, it is recommended to remove dirt and stains regularly. Shaking or beating the rug may damage the warp, consider to vacuum frequently instead. Turning the rug can also help exposing all the surface to sunlight, avoiding colours to fade only in specific areas. Using a carpet underlay would be ideal to prevent from slipping. The product can not be machine washed or dry cleaned.

List price € 2890,00 each
Outlet price € 1878,00* each
*Transport and assembling not included in the price.