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Ron Arad
Finishing: Polypropylene opaline red
Measures: W 43 cm x D 59 cm x H 78 cm

The acronym that gives the name to this soft and sinuous chair stands for “Fantastic Plastic Elastic” and it is really fantastic: it is realized through an exclusive technology that allows the creation of a structure at the same time solid and elastic, obtained by curving a single plastic sheet fixed on two aluminium tubes that run in parallel.

The structure of the chair is in mass-coloured polypropylene opaline red while the structure is in varnished extruded aluminium.

These two materials make it also perfect to be used outdoor.

There are n.02 stackable chairs available on offer for a total pricelist of € 430,00, discounted to € 280,00.

List price € 215,00 each
Outlet price € 140,00* each
*Transport and assembling not included in the price.