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Salvioni is FENDI Casa official dealer

The furnishings products of FENDI Casa recreate within the home the typical taste of the Roman fashion house, with a cosmopolitan style where luxury and glamor of fashion are mixed with the historic traditions of great Italian design. The use of high-quality materials is a focus point of the brand’s philosophy: the elegant sofas are upholstered with precious fabrics, velvets or high-quality leather, as well as the wide headboards and cushions are embellished by the inimitable FENDI patterns. The same goes to the dining area, with many tables enriched by tops made of rare woods such as ebony or rosewood and resting on precious metal bases.

FENDI Casa furniture

FENDI born in Rome at the beginning of the 20th century and soon established itself as a great quality furrier and thus taking its name to become a synonym of Italian luxury all over the world. The entry into the world of furniture dates back to the late ‘80s, with the meeting between Anna Fendi and Alberto Vignatelli, founder of the Luxury Living Group. The successful collaboration gave life to the first line of furniture of the brand relying on the traditional craftsmanship of Forlì.

FENDI Casa collections

The furnishings of FENDI Casa extend among all the different domestic environments: from the living room, with a wide selection of sofas and armchairs, to the bedroom, with beds and bedside tables, to the dining area. The selection of lamps for the lighting sector is also wide, and characteristic are also the outdoor furnitures. The taste of FENDI Casa also includes the office, with a series of presidential desks and chairs.

FENDI Casa official dealer

The Inverigo showroom of Salvioni Design Solutions is one of the official dealer of the collections made by FENDICasa. In our spaces there is a wide selection of furniture of the brand, available to be tested with the guidance of a team of specialized interior designers who will take care of the project in its entirety.