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Salvioni is Flexform Mood official dealer

The MOOD collection was born in 2001 from the imaginative genius of John Hutton, one of the most prolific American designers of our century. Initially conceived as a parallel production of the twin Flexform brand, MOOD acquired a complete autonomous style over the years. The collection, characterized by a “classic-contemporary” taste, has been conceived with a particular focus on the individual and his moods. Despite the similarity with the quality and elegance of Flexform’s production, MOOD’s projects stand out for their eclectic design customized with a strong international taste.

Flexform Mood collections

Hutton’s intentions to experiment new possibilities of design expressions by the use of self-styled project language can be seen in the modern reconstruction of the stylistic features of the past. The volumes become drier and lighter and the shapes smooth and sinuous in order to meet the retrò and decò tastes. In those years many items were designed such as the Caress series, the Valery sofa and the Relax armchair.

MOOD products have a modern design characterized by the use of natural materials and extreme attention to the details thanks to the use of craftsmanship techniques. Flexform MOOD’s proposal includes all sorts of living furnishings products: sofas, poufs, armchairs and tables as well as small tables and chairs. Very rich is also the proposal for the night area with majestic beds (Midnight and Caresse to name but a few) suited to the master bedroom furnishings.

Flexform Mood design

Since the 2006, the Architect Carlo Colombo has designed some of the most important pieces of the Flexform MOOD’s collection. Among them, the Adele chair and Ludovica chair stand out for elegance and practicality. In 2007, the Tuscan Architect Roberto Lazzeroni took over the artistic direction of the brand introducing products designed with a new aesthetic sensibility. Among the most significant examples, the Icaro bed and the Dragonfly series, the Frida armchair and the Ginevra sofa stand out.

Flexform Mood official dealer

Several Flexform MOOD’S products are displayed in the showroom of Salvioni Design Solutions network located in Inverigo, Milan and Lugano. Salvioni also offers the exclusive opportunity to visit the Flexform MOOD’s historic showroom in Meda with industry professionals, available to give their tailor-made advice.