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Salvioni is Gallotti&Radice official dealer

Gallotti&Radice was one the first Italian companies introducing the use of crystal in the creation of design furniture. The mastery in the processing of this complex and multifaceted material has characterized over the years the entire Gallotti&Radice production, in balance between sophisticated industrial technologies and craftsmanship, able to grant the maximum customization. The production of the brand is divided into two main directions: the home division, which offers a complete home styling, from sofas to tables, from chairs to lamps, and the office division, which explores the different potential of crystal for work environments.

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Versions Gallotti&Radice Thea Chair

Gallotti&Radice Thea Chair Gallotti&Radice Thea Chair Pinuccio Borgonovo 

Versions Gallotti&Radice Tortona Bookshelf

Gallotti&Radice Tortona Bookshelf Gallotti&Radice Tortona Bookshelf Massimo Castagna 

Versions Gallotti&Radice Twelve Coffee Table

Gallotti&Radice Twelve Coffee Table Gallotti&Radice Twelve Coffee Table Massimo Castagna 

Versions Gallotti&Radice Twelve Daybed

Gallotti&Radice Twelve Daybed Gallotti&Radice Twelve Daybed Massimo Castagna 

Versions Gallotti&Radice Venere Dressing Table

Gallotti&Radice Venere Dressing Table Gallotti&Radice Venere Dressing Table Carlo Colombo 

Versions Gallotti&Radice WGS Stool

Gallotti&Radice WGS Stool Gallotti&Radice WGS Stool Monica Armani 

Versions Gallotti&Radice Xeni Bed

Gallotti&Radice Xeni Bed Gallotti&Radice Xeni Bed Massimo Castagna 

Versions Gallotti&Radice Zed Mirror

Gallotti&Radice Zed Mirror Gallotti&Radice Zed Mirror Ricardo Bello Dias 

Versions Gallotti&Radice Zeiss Mirror

Gallotti&Radice Zeiss Mirror Gallotti&Radice Zeiss Mirror Luca Nichetto 

Gallotti&Radice furniture

The first steps of the company date back to the ‘50s, where the guidance of Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice settled the company roots into the artisan glass tradition of Brianza. The meeting with design dates back to the ’70s thanks to Luigi Massoni and his table Adam, still in production, the first entirely made of crystal. The production was then enriched with many tables where the crystal interacts with steel, like the Raj and Lord models.

Gallotti&Radice has gradually extended its production to the entire domestic environment, with a refined and highly recognizable style, in which the futuristic suggestions of the glass dialogue with refined retro forms. The lighting sector is also relevant: it includes, among others, the Bolle lamps collection by Massimo Castagna. The Gallotti&Radice catalog is completed with a wide selection of coffee tables, bookcases and sideboards.

The office production, inaugurated in 2008 with the Pinuccio Borgonovo Air system, which includes a wide selection of desks, meeting tables, reception desks, bookcases and containers, is also very extensive. A strong point of the company remains the high capacity of customize their products and make special projects, with tailoring attention to the specific needs of the customers.

Gallotti&Radice Design

Among the main designers who have shaped the Gallotti&Radice style, there are some of the most important names of the contemporary Italian design, such asMassimo Castagna, Pietro Russo, Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, Carlo Colombo, Studiopepe, Dainelli Studio and Federica Biasi. The Gallotti&Radice catalog includes products created by other collaborations with leading foreign designers such asdavid / nicolas, Claesson-Koivisto-Rune and Andreas Weberr.

Gallotti&Radice official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is one of the official Gallotti&Radice dealer with numerous brand environments presented in the Inverigo and Milan showrooms. The interior designers of the Salvioni team are at the complete disposal of the customers in order to realize customized project made possible by the various possibilities offered by Gallotti&Radice products, both for domestic environments and for the design of offices and work spaces.