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Salvioni is Minotti official dealer

Minotti was born in 1948 from an intuition of Alberto Minotti.
The original artisan dimension of the company changes soon and, starting from the Sixties, assumes industrial personality and dimensions. The next step is due to the children, Renato and Roberto Minotti who, after the untimely death of their father in 1991, take the reins of the company and begin a process of growth and expansion towards international markets.
Responsible for the company’s strategies, the Minotti brothers share the creative line and the aesthetic principles of the products with the architect Rodolfo Dordoni, who in 1998 was appointed Artistic Director.
The concept that best represents Minotti is certainly the ability to innovate in the sign of continuity. Key formula of Minotti identity is the full expression of the concept of “Made in Italy”, which today combines tradition and technology in an indissoluble way: the knowledge of the artisans refines a product born from the most modern technologies, while the intelligence of the hands offers sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision.


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Versions Minotti Belt Dining Chair

Minotti Belt Dining Chair Minotti Belt Dining Chair Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Minotti Boden Coffee Table

Minotti Boden Coffee Table Minotti Boden Coffee Table Gordon Guillaumier 

Versions Minotti Boteco Coffee Table

Minotti Boteco Coffee Table Minotti Boteco Coffee Table Marcio Kogan 

Versions Minotti Calder Console

Minotti Calder Console Minotti Calder Console Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Minotti Carson Desk

Minotti Carson Desk Minotti Carson Desk Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Minotti Caulfield Outdoor Coffee Table

Minotti Caulfield Outdoor Coffee Table Minotti Caulfield Outdoor Coffee Table Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Minotti Cesar Coffee Table

Minotti Cesar Coffee Table Minotti Cesar Coffee Table Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Minotti Clyfford Console

Minotti Clyfford Console Minotti Clyfford Console Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Minotti Colette Armchair

Minotti Colette Armchair Minotti Colette Armchair Rodolfo Dordoni 

Versions Minotti Daiki Armchair

Minotti Daiki Armchair Minotti Daiki Armchair Marcio Kogan 
Minotti Daiki Studio Armchair Minotti Daiki Studio Armchair Marcio Kogan 

Versions Minotti Dalton Bookshelf

Minotti Dalton Bookshelf Minotti Dalton Bookshelf Rodolfo Dordoni 

Minotti "Made in Italy"

The collections of the brand are the result of a profound harmony between the Milanese designer Rodolfo Dordoni and the brothers Renato e Roberto Minotti, emphasizing the company’s focus on the refinement of details, finishes and materials capable to give a unique personality to the products.

The living area furniture includes modern seating systems, designed to provide the ultimate comfort experience: Hamilton, White, Freeman, Powell, Andersen are just some of the brand’s best-selling products. To the wide choice is added the variety of coverings, available in fabric or in an exclusive selection of fine leathers.

Representatives of the timeless style of the company are the original armchairs inspired by tradition: Blake-Soft, Aston, Jacques, Winston alongside more contemporary design seats such as Prince, Jensen, Fil Noir, Leslie. To complete the furnishings of the living room there is a wide selection of accessories, chairs, sideboards, tables, coffee tables and rugs; among the most recognizable: Gray, Bellagio, Jacob, Lou and the colorful Cesar.

Minotti collections

Minotti expands its proposal of furniture with elements for the sleeping area, including a series of beds that embody the same dictates of style and elegance of the day collection. In the wide range of the company’s offer is also included the new outdoor collection, designed with the idea of creating a creative and continuous dialogue with the proposals for interior design.

Minotti official dealer

As an authorized retailer, Salvioni presents in the Inverigo showroom a wide selection of the refined collections of the brand.