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Salvioni is Nemo official dealer

Thanks to a cunning politic of re-edition of classics of the past and the collaboration with some of the most prestigious designers of the international panorama, Nemo’s light qualifies as a true author’s light. Founded in the 90s by Franco Cassina and Carlo Forcolini to go alongside Cassina’s production with high qualitative level lamps, thanks to its prestigious birthplace the company has been able to benefit from production rights of the illumination projects by some of the greatest masters of the twentieth century, listing in its catalogue names such as Le Corbusier and Franco Albini.

Nemo lamps

After spending several years as a division of the parent company with the name Nemo Cassina, the company is today completely independent under the guide of Federico Palazzari. Among the many big strands the Nemo lamps are devided in, the Master collection stands out, including exact re-editions of some of the most beautiful lamps designed by Le Corbusier, like the models Lampe de Marsiglie, Borne Beton and Projecteur.

The series dedicated to the contemporaries includes a wide range of table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lamps and wall lamps. The styles are various, giving each designer the space to express his personal poetic: from the quiet irony of the Mr. Light lamp by Javier Mariscal to the refined luxury of the Crown Major chandelier by Jehs+Laub, up to the minimalism of the Ara lamp by Ilaria Marelli.

Nemo design

Among the famous names re-edited by Nemo, besides the already mentioned Le Corbusier and Albini, you can find designers such as Charlotte Perriand and Kazuhide Takahama and Vico Magistretti, with the Claritas lamp which was his first illumination project. Among the contemporary designers the names are also many and of great quality: Mario Bellini, Norman Foster, Carlo Colombo, Massimiliano and Doriana Fukasas, Giancarlo Fassina and many others.

Nemo official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is the official Nemo dealer. Numerous Nemo lamps are present in the showrooms of Salvioni Lugano and Inverigo, situated not many kilometers far from Milan. Salvioni’s interior designers are available to the costumer for interior projects where light and space blend harmonically, taking advantage of the extensive Nemo catalogue.