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Salvioni is Rimadesio official dealer

Founded in the heart of Brianza’s furnishings district, since the 1956 Rimadesio has created innovative furnishings solutions by handcrafting complex materials. Since the inception, the distinctive elements of the company have been glass, which is still the company’s emblem all over the world 50 years later, followed by aluminum and wood, typical elements of the design sector. Under the enterprise impetus of Francesco Malberti and Luigi Riboldi, Rimadesio has specialized its technique in glass processing over the years , later expanding the range of materials used through the experimental approach that has always characterized the brand.

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Versions Rimadesio Stripe Sliding Door

Rimadesio Stripe Sliding Door Giuseppe Bavuso 

Versions Rimadesio Vela Door

Rimadesio Vela Door Giuseppe Bavuso 

Versions Rimadesio Velaria Sliding Door

Rimadesio Velaria Sliding Door Giuseppe Bavuso 

Versions Rimadesio Wind Bookshelf

Rimadesio Wind Bookshelf  

Versions Rimadesio Zen Door

Rimadesio Zen Door Giuseppe Bavuso 

Versions Rimadesio Zenit Bookshelf

Rimadesio Zenit Bookshelf  

Versions Rimadesio Zenit Walk-in Closet

Rimadesio Zenit Walk-in Closet Giuseppe Bavuso 

Rimadesio furnishings

Rimadesio’s values are a rigorous but essential aesthetic, functionality and reliability over time of each product. Home furnishings products embody the company’s wish to offer only the best to customers: wall units, shelving systems and bookcases (the Zenit and Wind bookcase system signed by Giuseppe Bavuso), represent the company’s proposal for the living area furniture; walking closets, storage units and complements, are just a few examples of the wide products range for the night area.

Rimadesio also offers design solutions for the indoor spaces division with a focus to the compositional versatility: sliding door (Velaria door) or hinged door (Moon door) for home and office spaces made with several materials like glass (matt and polished), aluminum, metals, or covered with precious saddle leather. The Rimadesio doors are designed to complement harmoniously with the architectural structure, combining sophisticated design and maximum functionality.

Rimadesio design

The artistic direction of Rimadesio is entirely entrusted to the architect Giuseppe Bavuso, who personally deals with the design of all the articles in the catalog. Some examples of his style include the Alambra sideboard, the Eos shelves, the Long Island table and the Sixty tables and bookcases series, marked by rollaway junctions and clean volumes able to reflect the design of the ‘60s. The same creative impulse characterizes the tables and coffee tables such as the Manta table system or Planet series with their precious marble tops.


Rimadesio official dealer

The team of Salvioni’s interior designers and architects is available for personalized advices and assistance in customized design solutions for every kind of tastes and needs. Salvioni also offers the opportunity to visit the exclusive showroom Rimadesio in Giussano or view the brand products exposed in the shops of Inverigo, Milan and Lugano.