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Salvioni is Technogym official dealer

Technogym is renowned throughout the world not only as a manufacturer of high-end gym equipment, but also as the undisputed leader in the home wellness sector. Thanks to Techogym, fitness marries design, creating machines that are not only in the forefront from a functional and ergonomic point of view, but also aesthetically satisfying, capable of furnishing a space. The creation of domestic environments entirely dedicated to training and body care is one of the latest trends in interior design: even in this field Salvioni intends to offer only the best to its customers, joining with the most prestigious brand in the sector.

Technogym equipment

Techonogym was born in Cesena in 1982, daughter of the genius and the competence of the founder Nerio Alessandri. His great intuition is to move the focus of physical exercise from hedonism to personal well-being: no longer “fitness”, but “wellness”. The design of all the equipment is a logical consequence of this choice and focuses on the person, that is the end user, thus managing to combine the performance of professional equipment with maximum safety.

Techongym products guarantee a fun and rewarding workout: from exercise bikes to strength training equipment, the entire product range is the result of years of research to guarantee an experience of optimal use. Items, such as the folding treadmill Spazio Forma, also meet the most modern housing needs, ensuring space optimization. The well-known Wellness Ball “sitting ball” fits into the Scandinavian ergonomic design, improving the action of the lumbar muscles and stabilizing the back.

Technogym design

Drawing fully from the Italian vocation for design, Techogym is also renowned for the shapes of its products, awarded with numerous international awards such as the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award, or included in the prestigious ADI Design Index. Technogym’s affinity with the world of design is also reflected in the special bond with the archistar Antonio Citterio, who designed the brand’s flagship store in Via Durini, in addition to the Techongym Village in Cesena.

Technogym official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is  Technogym official dealer. The Salvioni network has showrooms in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and a team of interior designers with extensive experience in the design of homes and villas worldwide, available to the customer for the choice of coordinated solutions all the indoor environments.