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Pietro Russo

Pietro Russo
Pietro Russo (1967-) is one of the Italian designers of the moment. Born in Ostuni, he approaches design as a self-taught: his training takes place in fact in the field of scenography, a sector in which he worked for many years between Florence and Berlin for both theater and cinema. Experiences that have left a large mark on his inspiration: his creations exploit precious materials such as stones and brass with a magical and indecipherable decorative taste, which makes them both luxurious and elegant and fascinatingly alienating. The frequent use of optical games based on striking black and white geometric patterns is another of his classic trademarks. Pietro Russo has found exceptional interlocutors in two of the most attentive Italian brands to fashions and the latest trends in international design: Baxter and Gallotti&Radice. He has also worked with Casamilano, Ichendorf and Editions Milano.

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Versions Gallotti&Radice Shield Screen

Gallotti&Radice Shield Screen Gallotti&Radice Shield Screen Pietro Russo