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LC4 Chaise LongueNoire LC4 Chaise Longue

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€ 4.575,00

LC4 Chaise LongueClassic LC4 Chaise Longue

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€ 4.990,00

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Cat. X – Scozia
13X201 Ambra13X201 Ambra
13X202 Testa di Moro13X202 Testa di Moro
13X247 Bianco13X247 Bianco
13X269 Panna13X269 Panna
13X276 Metallo13X276 Metallo
13X290 Carminio13X290 Carminio
13X295 Corrida13X295 Corrida
13X326 Deserto13X326 Deserto
13X328 Cenere13X328 Cenere
13X330 Grigio13X330 Grigio
13X331 Cipria13X331 Cipria
13X332 Castagna13X332 Castagna
13X333 Moka13X333 Moka
13X334 Fango13X334 Fango
13X335 Verde Menta13X335 Verde Menta
13X336 Cielo13X336 Cielo
13X337 Verde Bosco13X337 Verde Bosco
13X338 Verde Oliva13X338 Verde Oliva
13X339 Cedro13X339 Cedro
13X340 Bulgaro13X340 Bulgaro
13X341 Petrolio13X341 Petrolio
13X342 Oceano13X342 Oceano
13X606 Grafite13X606 Grafite

Cat. Y – Extra
13Y244 Sabbia13Y244 Sabbia
13Y246 Terra13Y246 Terra
13Y251 Rosso Bulgaro13Y251 Rosso Bulgaro
13Y253 Nero13Y253 Nero
13Y255 Prugna13Y255 Prugna
13Y257 Titanio13Y257 Titanio
13Y258 Fumo13Y258 Fumo
13Y260 Muschio13Y260 Muschio
13Y274 Ruggine13Y274 Ruggine
13Y276 Avorio13Y276 Avorio
13Y280 Grigio Caldo13Y280 Grigio Caldo
13Y281 Marrone13Y281 Marrone
13Y282 Caffè Latte13Y282 Caffè Latte
13Y283 Orzo13Y283 Orzo
13Y284 Deserto13Y284 Deserto
13Y285 Cenere13Y285 Cenere
13Y286 Bianco Sporco13Y286 Bianco Sporco

Cat. Z – Naturale
13Z200 Naturale13Z200 Naturale
13Z300 Naturale Anilina13Z300 Naturale Anilina
13Z302 Marrone Anilina13Z302 Marrone Anilina
13Z303 Caffè Anilina13Z303 Caffè Anilina
13Z304 Grafite Anilina13Z304 Grafite Anilina
13Z305 Nero Anilina13Z305 Nero Anilina
13Z306 Fango Anilina13Z306 Fango Anilina
13Z307 Rosso Anilina13Z307 Rosso Anilina
13Z308 Verde Anilina13Z308 Verde Anilina
13Z309 Blu Anilina13Z309 Blu Anilina

Cat. Z – Naturale ZZ
13Z360 Naturale13Z360 Naturale
13Z361 Tabacco13Z361 Tabacco
13Z362 Fango13Z362 Fango
13Z363 Grigio13Z363 Grigio
13Z364 Muschio13Z364 Muschio
13Z365 Foresta13Z365 Foresta
13Z366 Noce13Z366 Noce
13Z367 Moka13Z367 Moka
13Z368 Oceano13Z368 Oceano

Cat. Y – LCX
13Y411 Antracite13Y411 Antracite
13Y412 Ardesia13Y412 Ardesia
13Y413 Testa di Moro13Y413 Testa di Moro
13Y414 Grafite13Y414 Grafite
13Y415 Bianco13Y415 Bianco
13Y416 Radica13Y416 Radica
13Y417 Tabacco13Y417 Tabacco
13Y418 Fango13Y418 Fango
13Y419 Marrone13Y419 Marrone
13Y420 Blu13Y420 Blu
13Y421 Rosso Cina13Y421 Rosso Cina

Cat. Z – Pelle con Pelo
13Z226 Nero13Z226 Nero
13Z229 Pezzato Normanno13Z229 Pezzato Normanno
13Z235 Bianco Nero13Z235 Bianco Nero



Founded in 1927 by the brothers Cesare and Umberto in the heart of Brianza furniture, Cassina is one of the long-lived Made in Italy industrial design companies. From the early ‘30s, Cassina brothers identified the strong demand for home furnishings and interpreted in a far-sighted way the renewed taste of the new emerging classes. From this intuition, Cassina started a real revolution in the indoor furnishings design. Since then, the company has been pursuing a path of research and innovation, involving prestigious designers and architects in the study of new furnishings models. In the last few years the collaboration with Gio Ponti has begun. Thanks to this partnership were born the 646 chair, known as Leggera, and the subsequent model 699 or Superleggera.Read more

Designed by

Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier
Le Corbusier (1887-1965) is one of the most illustrious names in world architecture of the twentieth century. Swiss by birth, but French by adoption, he is considered the great master of the Modern Movement, a current that revolutionized architecture in the period between the two World Wars. Refined theorist, he effectively conceptualized the pillars of a new architecture, destined to change the world, and of a revolutionary urban conception. He was a pioneer in the use of concrete and designed buildings that have now risen to symbolize the twentieth century, such as Ville Savoye, the Chapel of Notre-Dame du Haut or the Unité d'Habitation complex in Marseille. He was also a designer, author also in this field of products that have made history, often in collaboration with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and his assistant Charlotte Perriand. His furniture was re-edited in series starting in 1965 by the Italian Cassina company, in an operation of great philological rigor and extraordinary success, while his lamps are now produced by Nemo.Read more