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The colors displayed, for technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the actual finish. The price may vary in relation to the category / finish chosen. Contact us to receive a personalized quotation.
Cat. A – Joy
Milk 005Milk 005
Nude 009Nude 009
Peacock 020Peacock 020
Rose Powder 008Rose Powder 008
Royal 004Royal 004
Sand 001Sand 001

Cat. A – Sauvage
Acquamarina 006Acquamarina 006
Grey 007Grey 007
Milk 005Milk 005
Moss 015Moss 015
Peacock 020Peacock 020
Rose Powder 008Rose Powder 008
Royal 004Royal 004
Sand 001Sand 001

cat. A – Velvet
Peacock 705Peacock 705
Blue 408Blue 408
Mink 518Mink 518
Pearl 206Pearl 206
Rose Powder 4512Rose Powder 4512
Royal 5438Royal 5438

Cat. B – Berlino
Milk 204Milk 204
Royal 210Royal 210
Rose Powder 105Rose Powder 105

Cat. B – Delia
Black 041Black 041
Milk 002Milk 002
Peacock 210Peacock 210
Royal 360Royal 360

Cat. B – Perseo
Clay 022Clay 022

Cat. B – Sofi
Milk 187Milk 187

Cat. B – Tokyo
Rose Powder 105Rose Powder 105
Tobacco 203Tobacco 203

Cat. C – Eden
Green 001Green 001
Pink 002Pink 002

Cat. D – Aiko
Anthracite 002Anthracite 002
Black 001Black 001
Ice 003Ice 003



Gallotti&Radice was one the first Italian companies introducing the use of crystal in the creation of design furniture. The mastery in the processing of this complex and multifaceted material has characterized over the years the entire Gallotti&Radice production, in balance between sophisticated industrial technologies and craftsmanship, able to grant the maximum customization. The production of the brand is divided into two main directions: the home division, which offers a complete home styling, from sofas to tables, from chairs to lamps, and the office division, which explores the different potential of crystal for work environments.Read more