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Federico Peri

Federico Peri
Federico Peri (1983-) is one of the most interesting young emerging designers on the Italian scene. His creations, of sophisticated refinement, know how to integrate suggestions from the past with the latest trends in international design with measured wisdom. He loves working with precious materials, such as metals, glass, wood and marble, which allow him to create luxurious and long-lasting products. Born in Veneto, he trained between Milan and Paris before starting an appreciated career as an interior designer in 2011, both in the domestic and retail settings. His interest in product design began a few years later, when Nina Yashar - owner of Nilufar, one of the most prestigious design galleries in today's Milan - gave him the opportunity to create his first limited series creations. To launch him in the world of mass production is instead the meeting with Baxter, who bets decisively on him by adding several creations by him to his catalog. His collaborations with brands such as FontanaArte, Purho and Salviati date back to a more recent period.

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Versions Baxter Button Wall Light

Baxter Button Wall Light Baxter Button Wall Light Federico Peri

Versions Baxter Placé Coffee Table

Baxter Placé Coffee Table Baxter Placé Coffee Table Federico Peri

Versions Baxter Rail Coffee Table

Baxter Rail Coffee Table Baxter Rail Coffee Table Federico Peri
Baxter Stone Bed Baxter Stone Bed Federico Peri

Versions Baxter Tunnel Pendant Light

Baxter Tunnel Pendant Light Baxter Tunnel Pendant Light Federico Peri