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Just like tubs and washbasins, showers are a fundamental piece of furniture for the bathroom, an object that today cannot be done without both from a functional and aesthetic point of view. The showers can be modern or more classic depending on the shower heads, mixer and taps installed. Even the shower enclosure and the tray are of great importance to create a unique and extremely personality piece of furniture. In larger bathrooms, the shower becomes a cabin and can have a series of accessories to improve the washing experience and comfort.

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Versions Antonio Lupi Combi Shower

Antonio Lupi Combi Shower Antonio Lupi Combi Shower Nevio Tellatin

Versions Agape Flat D Shower

Agape Flat D Shower Agape Flat D Shower Benedini Associati

Versions Inda Trendy Design Shower

Inda Trendy Design Shower Inda Trendy Design Shower

Versions Boffi Tape Shower

Boffi Tape Shower Boffi Tape Shower Monica Armani

Versions Inda Indissima Walk-In Shower

Inda Indissima Walk-In Shower Inda Indissima Walk-In Shower Matteo Thun, Antonio Rodriguez

Versions Agape Open Air Shower

Agape Open Air Shower Agape Open Air Shower Benedini Associati

Versions Antonio Lupi Isola Shower

Antonio Lupi Isola Shower Antonio Lupi Isola Shower Nevio Tellatin

Versions Inda Rapid Shower

Inda Rapid Shower Inda Rapid Shower

Versions Antonio Lupi Bilico Shower

Antonio Lupi Bilico Shower Antonio Lupi Bilico Shower Nevio Tellatin

Versions Agape Plan-a Shower

Agape Plan-a Shower Agape Plan-a Shower Giulio Gianturco, Mario Tessarollo

Versions Inda Praia Shower

Inda Praia Shower Inda Praia Shower

Versions Inda Claire Design Shower

Inda Claire Design Shower Inda Claire Design Shower