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Salvioni Design Solutions bases its work on the skills of a team of specialized interior designers capable of creating unique, personalized environments finished down to the smallest detail. We deal with residential and commercial projects, following the customer step by step, from taking measurements to delivering the complete project all over the world. Ours is a “tailor-made” service for every request, where consultancy and support find their ideal culmination also thanks to the in-depth knowledge that our experts have of the potential offered by our brands, as well as the latest market news.


We take care of the design of living areas, lounges and dining rooms. Like an hub of everyday life and free time, these spaces deserve particular attention because more than any other they reflect the taste and lifestyle of those who animate them. We take care of the furnishing of these environments and those related to them in every detail, from the entrance areas to the relaxation areas, without neglecting the reading rooms and even the home cinemas, in a constant dialogue of colours, finishes and proportions. The result is a multi-dimensional coherence, where sensation and functionality intertwine in order to create an ideal context for everyone.

Bedrooms and
home offices

We create high-level solutions for master and children bedrooms, dedicating all our attention to the sleeping area for excellent results in every detail. No less important is the furnishing of those environments that always concern the private sphere such as wardrobes and walk-in closets, essential for everyday life, and home offices, an increasingly current phenomenon for those who have begun to live their office outdoors inside the home walls.


Always synonymous with home, family and everyday life, the kitchen is one of the key environments of our work, a real fulcrum of interest to which we dedicate great energy and attention. We work with the best brands in the sector to offer furnishing solutions that are always current and in step with the times in terms of finishes and configurations, but above all appliances and new technologies capable of improving everyone’s life.


Indispensable, the bathroom lends itself to as many configurations as the lifestyles of those who use it. Sanitary fixtures and accessories are the first step of a long journey that concerns materials, finishes, but even more accessories and containers in which to store everyone’s needs. Every bathroom is a tailor-made world, where it is essential that everything is exactly where it belongs, from showers to hydromassage tubs, with no room for uncertainty.


Varied and diversified, the world of high-end outdoor stands out for the design choices that aim to transpose indoor elegance and comfort into its outdoor version. It can include numerous variations such as terraces, poolsides, solariums, winter gardens, porches and more. Each of these entities is able to create a structured dialogue between nature and furniture, taste and necessity. We carefully select the outdoor proposals to guarantee only the best quality available.


In a reality that is increasingly attentive to the needs of the individual and to self-care, wellness environments are gaining ground within the domestic space, claiming architectural solutions where a strong need for taste and practicality is perceived. Whirlpools, spas, gyms, saunas and more are now becoming the object of increasingly targeted and tangible attention, a trend point for those who can experience and fully understand it.

Public spaces

We deal not only with the furnishing of residential spaces, but also commercial and contract ones, creating customized solutions for each one defined in every detail. Our projects reach profoundly different realities such as hotels, restaurants, offices, professional studios and common areas and stand out for the design versatility applied to each one, aimed at enhancing the client’s specificities and requests.

We collaborate with numerous sector partners to offer our customers a 360° service where not only the furnishings, but every part of the house is scrupulously taken into consideration to create a complete and personal project.

Fabrics and Upholstery

We collaborate with specialists with proven experience in textile coverings, curtains, bed sets, wall fabrics and much more to offer our customers an experience that goes beyond simple furnishings and results in a real dialogue between spaces, colours, fibers and emotions. Understanding the world of “soft decoration” is essential to fully experience the home environment and in turn, giving it the right personality. The showroom in via Durini hosts a shop-in-shop with the best brands in the sector to view and touch for an optimal choice.

Lighting technology

In the formula for perfect furnishings, lamps and lighting are today a determining factor in giving life, sensations and depth to every environment. In this increasingly attentive historical period, the art of designing light has made great strides forward, becoming a discipline that promotes an efficient use of artificial and natural light with the aim of creating comfortable and visually integrated scenarios. Understanding the potential of furniture not only from an architectural point of view, but also from a functional and healthy point of view is today more important than ever to improve the visual experience of spaces and the quality of time spent within them.


Furnishing a home also means taking care of fixtures, doors and above all doors, fundamental elements for separating rooms and delimiting your privacy with them. Whether they are sliding, swinging, folding or similar, the doors give coherence and order to the different spaces of the house or even define a specific identity for each of them.

Wall decorations

An increasingly trendy furnishing choice is represented by wallpapers and wall decorations, refined variations of wall paint or common wall coverings, which over the years have caught on, becoming a real “must” in homes all over the world. Equally cutting-edge is the stylistic research that Salvioni is carrying out in the field of wooden boiserie, marble and terracotta coverings, destined to be the future of luxury decorations. 

Art de la table and accessories

From macro to micro, every declination of interior design is fundamental to making the rooms of the house come alive. Whether it is a vase, an ornament, a complement or even candle holders and room fragrances, the world of objects fully falls within the different design phases considered by Salvioni. In particular, we select the best brands for high-level art de la table, essential for those who wish to surround themselves with unique and personalized services, cutlery, glasses and accessories.


We strongly believe in the aesthetic value that the world of art can have in interior design. For this reason we avail ourselves of the consultancy of numerous industry experts capable of offering our customers multi-level, unique and unprecedented solutions. Our showrooms host concrete examples of the combination of art and design capable of enhancing the potential of both, enhancing the nature of each environment.