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Salvioni Inverigo

The 3000 square meters Inverigo flagship store, located in the heart of Brianza, is the historic headquarters of the company. Able to offer a comprehensive overview of Italian lifestyle, the store presents spacious rooms that transform it into a true “design experience laboratory”, where different styles and brands merge, creating unique and original environments. The showroom hosts notable new products and iconic pieces of the most celebrated brands of international design.
The layout project is signed by the architect and designer Paolo Piva. The building, enclosed by wide glass surfaces, is surrounded by vegetation on three of its sides and it welcomes several spaces different from each other and designed with meticulous attention to details.

It is one of our goals to ensure that the showroom constantly presents a fresh and up-to-date products exhibition, so that each visit will be a new and captivating experience.

To make sure that all the latest collections can take a place in the building, several products are regularly transferred to the company’s signature outlet store. With a 800 square meters surface, it offers selected products at reduced prices, applying a by appointment purchase solution. Attached to this location there is a permanent exhibition dedicated to outdoor furnishing, also renovated constantly to showcase the latest collections.


via Don Gnocchi 1
Inverigo CO
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