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Salvioni Milano Gallotti & Radice

The Salvioni Milano Gallotti&Radice showroom brings together the sophisticated atmospheres of the brand, between tradition and experimentation, in an environment that has been carefully studied down to the smallest details.

The gloss of brass and crystal dominate the entire space of 200 square meters divided into two levels. The Gallotti&Radice collections are presented here in harmony, from lighting to interiors, from tables to the sleeping area. Two large bookcases at full height strongly connote the two sides of the showroom, reconnecting with the past history of the space, previously hosting one of the city’s most famous bookstores, and now dedicated to a selection of Skira art volumes.

Salvioni Milano

Salvioni Milano is the company’s division dedicated to the mono-brand store based in the World’s Capital of Design.
The founding principle is a faithful and constant collaboration with the referring brand, to efficiently pass its values to the visitors, together with Salvioni’s exemplary assistance to every single customer.
The Salvioni Milano project aims to establish a network of lively showrooms, deeply integrated in the city’s fast-moving cultural panorama; not just furniture shops but places to experience, that can be a constant source of inspiration for the customers. The company is regularly seeking for new partners who share its philosophy, to help the city of Milan achieving the undisputed title of “Worlds’ Design Capital” across the globe.


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