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Services for architects

Every day we offer to architects and interior design studios the result of Salvioni experience, in order to understand and best realize their furnishing projects

Services for architects

All the best design brands

We offer to the architects the opportunity to choose directly from all the major brands of  the italian and international design. In fact, the professionals who work with us can take the clue from a wide and complete range of furnishings in order to realize different design projects suitable for every need, combined with the exclusive plus of interfacing with a single partner for purchase, logistics and delivery.


Tailor-made project

Whenever the architect wants to offer unique and customized solutions to his customers, our team is available to follow the project step by step, providing professional advice and support. We also have a solid network of workshops with whom, thanks to a long-term collaboration, we can create custom design drawings for each project.

Planning consultancy

Our interior designers are always up to date on the latest developments in the world of furnishings: new materials and finishes, trends and fashion. Collaborating on a project, we can offer to the architects our qualified advice in the selection and design of different kind of furnishings, guide them among the multitude of items available on the market and their different configurations.

Services of quotation


In the current market, customers are increasingly demanding, and speed is now a key factor. We put at the disposal of the clientele and architects a staff of professionals dedicated only to the quotation of furniture products and projects in order to provide professionals and their customers with detailed quotes in the most rapid manner.

A unique shopping experience


We offer to the architects the opportunity to give a unique shopping experience to their customers, initially accompanying them in a tour of our 5 showrooms, furnished in order to give a 360 ° overview of the design world. After understanding the brands to which the customer’s taste is based, we can arrange some other visits to the company showrooms attached to the production sites, where they will be able to view the entire collections in an exclusive look behind the scenes.

Delivery and assembly around the world

We don’t sell only the furnishings, but we also accompany the architect in a key stage for the success of the project: shipment and assembly. We have a export office that over the years has run projects around the world, gaining experience in dealing with any possible kind of shipping and customs issues. Its purpose is to ensure that the goods arrive on site in the best conditions. Our team can reach every destination to take care of the proper execution of the project, eventually in collaboration with local workers.

Soft contract

In the course of our history, we have assisted architects in many residential projects, but we have also extended our expertise to the management of soft contracts, specializing in luxury projects where personalization and differentiation of the various environments play an important role. Our ispiration is to become a valued partner for the architects which want to use different brands for their realizations and work towards a finishing quality similar to the home projects.