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Francesco Meda

Francesco Meda
Francesco Meda (1984-) is an Italian designer. Son of art - his father Alberto has collected 6 Compassi d'Oro in his career, one of which precisely for a creation co-signed with Francesco - he studied at the IED in Milan and worked in London in the studios of Sebastien Bergne and by Ross Lovegrove. Since 2008, he has worked alongside his father in the realization of projects for brands such as Kartell, Alias ​​and Caimi Brevetti, but also pursues a career on his own, freer and more eclectic, linked to the limited edition art design sector. In this capacity he has the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most renowned galleries in Milan, such as Nilufar and Rossana Orlandi, but also with international realities such as the Schoeni Art Gallery in Hong Kong and the Mint Gallery in London. His own career also includes collaborations with important brands dedicated to mass production such as Molteni & C., Dada or Et al. More recently he collaborated with David Lopez Quincoces, with whom he shared the image of a collection for Gandia Blasco and the artistic direction of the Acerbis brand.

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Versions Molteni&C Woody Chair

Molteni&C Woody Chair Molteni&C Woody Chair Francesco Meda

€ 969,00