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Volodymyr Karalyus

Volodymyr Karalyus
Volodymyr Karalyus is a young Ukrainian architect, one of the most interesting prospects in the world of Eastern European design. Founder of the Volo.Design studio, Karalyus was born in Lviv and has participated in numerous international design competitions. A true perfectionist, he is convinced that it is the details of a product that give satisfaction and joy to its end user. His research has creatively crossed different types of furnishings and accessories, from lamps to handles, but has found particular expression especially in a series of creative tables and coffee tables, many of which are produced in limited series. His most important collaboration with a great brand is the Balloon table made for Flou Natevo.

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Versions Flou Natevo Balloon Table

Flou Natevo Balloon Table Flou Natevo Balloon Table Volodymyr Karalyus