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Central element of the house, meeting place and pulsating fulcrum of every activity, the kitchen plays a fundamental role within the domestic space, orchestrating most of the activities and offering an ideal meeting and meeting place. Much more than anywhere else, it is in this space that you can deduce the personality and tastes of those who live there, which will match equally vast possibilities of choice. Design kitchens, modern, classic, retractable and much more are then declined according to the design needs in linear structures, with peninsula, island, corner, monobloc, modular and last but not least, custom-made, where it is not possible to resort to measures more usual. The tastes of the individual live in the infinite range of finishes available, as well as the microcosm in which they will live.

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Versions Riva 1920 Grangusto Kitchen

Riva 1920 Grangusto Kitchen Riva 1920 Grangusto Kitchen Marc Sadler

Versions Cesar Intarsio Kitchen

Cesar Intarsio Kitchen Cesar Intarsio Kitchen

Versions Boffi K14 Kitchen

Boffi K14 Kitchen Boffi K14 Kitchen Norbert Wangen

Versions Boffi K2-K3-K4 Kitchen

Boffi K2-K3-K4 Kitchen Boffi K2-K3-K4 Kitchen Norbert Wangen

Versions Boffi K21 Kitchen

Boffi K21 Kitchen Boffi K21 Kitchen Norbert Wangen

Versions Boffi K5 Kitchen

Boffi K5 Kitchen Boffi K5 Kitchen Norbert Wangen

Versions Boffi K6 Kitchen

Boffi K6 Kitchen Boffi K6 Kitchen Norbert Wangen

Versions Kettal Kitchen

Kettal Kitchen Kettal Kitchen

Versions Riva 1920 La Cucina Kitchen

Riva 1920 La Cucina Kitchen Riva 1920 La Cucina Kitchen Matteo Thun

Versions Cesar Maxima 2.2 Kitchen

Cesar Maxima 2.2 Kitchen Cesar Maxima 2.2 Kitchen

Versions Boffi Minikitchen Outdoor Kitchen

Boffi Minikitchen Outdoor Kitchen Boffi Minikitchen Outdoor Kitchen Joe Colombo

Versions Poliform My Planet Kitchen

Poliform My Planet Kitchen Poliform My Planet Kitchen