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Outdoor Dining Tables

Dining tables represent one of the many key elements of interior furnishings, especially for living rooms and dining areas. Not least, outdoor tables perform a very important function, offering a comfortable table top for heterogeneous occasions. We are talking about parties, lunches, dinners but also moments of study or simple reading; the possibilities are endless, as are the numerous proposals that high-end companies offer their customers. Terraces, gardens, balconies and any outdoor space lends itself to these possibilities, as long as there is a support surface and the desire to exploit it. Available in different sizes and shapes, the outdoor tables come in highly resistant and long-lasting finishes, so as to withstand atmospheric agents and prolonged use.

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Versions Visionnaire Wing Outdoor Table

Visionnaire Wing Outdoor Table Visionnaire Wing Outdoor Table m2atelier

Versions Flexform Zefiro Outdoor Table

Flexform Zefiro Outdoor Table Flexform Zefiro Outdoor Table Antonio Citterio