100 Icon Architects 2018 - Interni rewards the work of Marco Acerbis
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100 Icon Architects 2018 – The Interni magazine awards the work of Marco Acerbis

Since its foundation, Acerbis has been able to stand out in the world of design furniture for quality, as well as great expertise in designing furniture with an exquisitely contemporary taste. The use of high quality materials combined with the deep knowledge of the processing techniques of each component make the Acerbis furniture unique, perfectly adaptable to any room of the house, from the most refined to the most creative. The brand’s strong stylistic connotation has recently been highlighted by Interni magazine, which selected the designer Marco Acerbis for the “100 ICON ARCHITECTS 2018” in the special collection edition of December.

The merit of this mention goes to the great creative talent of Marco Acerbis who is credited with the creation of many pieces of furniture that have made the fortune of the company. Among the most famous we mention the tables On, Eleven and 004, the Ari mirror, the Standing bookcase, the Lys bed and the Long Island armchair. Among the most recent creations we include the Superego belief and the Pond table.

A special mention goes to the Giano table, whose dual soul, light to the eye and imposing in the structure, gives it a changeable geometry in correspondence with the variation of the observer’s point of view. The masterly play of transparencies enhances the essential line of the design and the versatility of the material.