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Baxter – The novelties of Salone del mobile 2019

In the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2019, Baxter has showed a few precious latest products which inspiration comes from the research of new horizons and original domestic atmospheres. The main characters of the new line belong partly to the Classics of the brand and partly to stabilized collaboration with international level designer as Paola Navone, the duo Draga&Aurel e Pietro Russo, and more recent, from Studiopepe to Federico Peri.

The guest of honor, the saddle leather, which in the series of new palettes with an exquisitely retro flavor applied to upholstered furniture like the new Leon sofa, constitutes the cornerstone not only of the new 2019 creations, but also of the evocative settings recreated by the brand. A fascinating contrast of exterior / interior, light / dark, hot / cold, gives life to spaces and atmospheres typical of Mediterranean villas or Brazilian poetry. The lilac string, the color of the Tuscan vines and the peach chosen for the Nabuk leather that we find in the Piaf sofa and in the Belt sofa are combined here. The colors  are all strictly combined with the classic brown and grey leather. Even the new marbles are tinged with purple and lilac. The alpaca becomes the metal that covers tables, tables and lights with silver.

Paola Navone and her Elephant upholsteries put their artistic touch in the expansion of the Open-Air collection, inserting new elements and materials; the Draga & Aurel duo continues their personal experimentation with resins, glasses and iconic design lines; Studiopepe designs a collection composed of tables, chairs and lamps where the superb use of marble, metals, leather, cement and neon is intertwined, giving rise to “totemic” elements, where strong is the reference to modern architecture; Federico Peri signs the new collection of Passpartout upholsteries inspired by details deeply linked to the world of fashion; Antonino Sciortino proposes the selection of Tia benches, with subtle forms and structural essentialisms of great value; Finally, Pietro Russo conducted his stylistic and form research into a single symbolic element: the circle.