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B&B Italia celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Up armchair

During the Milan Design Week, B&B Italia celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the UP armchair, an iconic piece of the brand as well as a milestone for interior furnishings signed in 1969 by Gaetano Pesce. The armchair’s configuration has anatomical features that unmistakably associate it with the female figure, fertility, and a more symbolic analogy with oppression, represented by the pouf ball anchored to it as a symbol of a chain.

In this sense, the Up armchair is located halfway between a work of art and a design object, succeeding in the difficult task of attracting and capturing the attention of fans of both fields.

In honor of the artistic genius of its creator, as well as of the fortunate ascending parable that this object has yielded to B&B Italia, the brand has hosted an interactive and impressive celebration that had as its protagonist the Special Edition of the armchair dressed for the occasion in beige and oil stripes, fantasy belonging to the ’69 color chart. This special edition will be put into production in a limited number of copies and will be available at Salvioni Design Solutions showrooms.

In addition to this first installation, the Milan Design Week offered another tribute to this famous piece of design by hosting a grandiose work by Gaetano Pesce: the Maestà Soffrente, eight meters high and displayed in front of Piazza Duomo in Milan, placing at the center of the attention to the condition of the contemporary woman.