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Out Of Line | The coffee table by Bieke Casteleyn hosted by the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom

Without lines. Without Borders. Without barriers.

In a word “Out of Line”, the incredible collection designed by Bieke Casteleyn to fascinate and seduce all those who make furniture a personal, unique and exceptional expression. To understand this range of products it is necessary to move away from the most canonical and stereotyped conception of home furnishings and enter a much freer and more suggestive world, where every shape is designed to break the mold, challenging the common sense of the ordinary for enter the extraordinary.

Curved lines, hand-drawn paths, light colors and material surfaces are the abc of these dining tables, coffee tables, consoles, benches, shelves and desks that Bieke Casteleyn has been able to masterfully create by combining a taste for everyday life with a refined formal research, full of unconventional expressions and choices.

Ideal in any context, these products have found a place in the spaces of the Salvioni Milano Durini showroom, enriching the numerous design proposals offered by the multibrand store with their own personal contribution.