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101 Copenhagen

Salvioni is 101 Copenhagen official dealer

The Danish company 101 Copenhagen was founded in 2017 from the inspiration of creating accessories and design objects with a highly refined style, attentive to contemporary influences and denoted by an optimal choice of materials and craft techniques. Tradition and modernity intertwine in 101 Copenhagen giving life to unique objects, capable of expressing originality in any environment you wish to place them. A strong reference to Scandinavian taste is recognizable in each piece, finely orchestrated in holistic collections full of personality.

101 Copenhagen furniture

101 Copenhagen offers high-end ideas for vases, trays, bowls and various home accessories. Equally relevant are the proposals for lighting and furniture for the home which are combined with a way of thinking about design full of artistic references and eclectic choices. Impossible not to mention the famous Drop suspension lamp or the Bow console. Among the vases, the Guggenheim and the Duck stand out. The assortment is completed by numerous benches such as the Big Foot and the Brutus stool.

101 Copenhagen design

101 Copenhagen owes its fortune to the strongly inspired soul that marked its foundation, but not only; among the numerous collaborations it can boast highly talented designers who have been able to take up the challenge of the company and give life to numerous works of great visual impact. Here we mention Kristian Sofus Hansen, Tommy Hyldahl and Nicolaj Nøddesbo, three elements whose contribution has been and still is essential to give soul and personality to every proposal.

Rivenditore 101 Copenhagen

Salvioni Design Solutions enriches the proposal for the home by including numerous proposals from the 101 Copenhagen company in the catalog, orchestrated to better meet the needs of customers and reflect a constantly evolving aesthetic landscape, increasingly dominated by contemporary trends and influences.