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6499 Milano

Salvioni is 6499 Milano official dealer

6499 was born as a multifaceted project, originally dedicated to art but later capable of expanding and spreading in unforeseen directions, giving prestige to various sectors such as Design, Art and Clothing. A company made up of ambition and aspirations, where quality and the pursuit of excellence are the backbone for every single project. It all started with a prestigious creative team led by Amedeo Demitry, Franz Siccardi and Andrea Demitry. Together, these three minds move 6499 towards its multiple identities, creating a unique, personal and highly distinctive character for each aspect.

6499 Art

As mentioned, 6499 has its roots in the world. Numerous artists have already joined the project by making their talent available to create a veritable forge of ideas to be exhibited and admired. Among the many names we mention Sabrina Ferrari, Andrea De Luca, Jacopo Mandich, Vitaliano Marchetto, Lia Bosh, Meriem Delacroix, Ciro Palumbo, Ross Pino, Nicholas Viviani, Irma Hölzl, Davide Frisoni, Paola Romano, Claudio Rolfi and Roberta Diazzi. Each of these personalities enriches and contributes to the 6499 catalogue, offering connoisseurs of the genre a particularly rich and ambitious range of choices.

6499 and Salvioni Design Solutions

Always a supporter of the successful partnership between art and design, Salvioni Design Solutions has chosen to enrich its exhibition spaces with some works of this company, thus creating spaces where the visitor can admire the best of both in environments that recall everyday life but at the same time the excellence of Made in Italy and international furniture. In this way, Salvioni wishes to offer a different point of view aimed at revealing the world around us from multiple perspectives; real, intellectual and emotional.