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Salvioni is Agape official dealer

Agape’s corporate mission is to make the constant search for new forms and solutions of the design world dialogue with the traditionally unchanging environment of the bathroom. The result of this research is a collection of bathroom furniture and accessories with surprising shapes, which are able to satisfy the eye and create a peculiar and recognizable aesthetic without sacrificing functionality. To do this, the Benedini family, owner of the company, has managed to make use of the collaboration with several important names of international design, such as Patricia Urquiola, Angelo Mangiarotti and Konstantin Grcic.

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Versions Agape Basket Storage unit

Agape Basket Storage unit Agape Basket Storage unit Benedini Associati 
Agape Bjhon Washbasin Agape Bjhon Washbasin Angelo Mangiarotti 

Versions Agape Cavalletto Bench

Agape Cavalletto Bench Agape Cavalletto Bench Angelo Mangiarotti 

Versions Agape Cuna Bathtub

Agape Cuna Bathtub Agape Cuna Bathtub Patricia Urquiola 

Versions Agape Dot Line Towel Holder

Agape Dot Line Towel Holder Agape Dot Line Towel Holder Garcia Cumini 
Agape DR Bathtub Agape DR Bathtub Marcio Kogan, Mariana Ruzante 

Versions Agape DR Washbasin Top

Agape DR Washbasin Top Agape DR Washbasin Top Marcio Kogan, Mariana Ruzante 

Versions Agape Drop Washbasin

Agape Drop Washbasin Agape Drop Washbasin Benedini Associati 

Versions Agape Evo21 Bathroom Cabinet

Agape Evo21 Bathroom Cabinet Agape Evo21 Bathroom Cabinet Benedini Associati 

Versions Agape Evoluzione Bathroom Cabinet

Agape Evoluzione Bathroom Cabinet Agape Evoluzione Bathroom Cabinet Benedini Associati 

Versions Agape Flat D Shower

Agape Flat D Shower Agape Flat D Shower Benedini Associati 

Versions Agape Flat XL Bathroom Cabinet

Agape Flat XL Bathroom Cabinet Agape Flat XL Bathroom Cabinet Benedini Associati 

Agape bathrooms

Immersed in the quiet of the Mantuan countryside, Agape’s headquarters is the ideal place for the patient research carried out by the company. In addition to the bathroom design collections, the Agape catalog also includes numerous iconic pieces that have revolutionized the bathroom concept, such as the Vieques bathub by Patricia Urquiola or the Bjhon washbasins by Angelo Mangiarotti.

The use of materials and stylistic details usually reserved to the noblest rooms of the house has led to the creation of real icons, such as the Spoon bathub with its enveloping shapes and the Ottocento bathub with its harmonious references to the classic furnishings, or the comfortable and welcoming Normal bathub and the experimental Woodline wood bathub. Washbasins, showers, bathroom fixtures and accessories complete the Agape offer.

With the Agapecasa brand, the company also produces the “Mangiarotti Collection“: a faithful reproduction of the products designed by the famous architect Angelo Mangiarotti in fifty years of his career, recreated according to a rigorous philological approach. Thanks to this operation, other products such as the tables and Eros coffee tables, the Cavalletto system and the Eccentric table come back to life.

Agape design

Many of the Agape projects bear the signature of the Benedini Associati studio, led by one of the company’s founders, Giampaolo Benedini. In the Agape catalog there are also several important names of the international design world, such as Patricia Urquiola, Angelo Mangiarotti, Sebastian Herkner, Marcio Kogan, Konstantin Gric, Enzo Mari, García Cumini, Neri & Hu and Giulio Gianturco.

Agape official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is an official Agape dealer. In the showroom of Salvioni Lugano and Inverigo, located a few kilometers away from Milan, several baths of the brand are available and a team of interior designers is always ready to help the customer design bathrooms and the whole house. Salvioni is also an official Agapecasa dealer.