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The passion for high-end design as well as the long collaboration with Angelo Mangiarotti led to the establishment of Agapecasa, a company where quality and culture of the past interwine into one to give life to original and timeless pieces of one of the greatest masters of post-war Italian design and architecture. Agape, leading company in the production of bathroom furniture that has been the main character of Made in Italy quality since 1973, Agapecasa retains attention to detail, creative strength and the desire to carry on a tradition of excellence that still amazes and fascinates today.

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Versions Agapecasa Cavalletto Bookshelf

Agapecasa Cavalletto Bookshelf Agapecasa Cavalletto Bookshelf Angelo Mangiarotti 

Versions Agapecasa Eccentrico Coffee Table

Agapecasa Eccentrico Coffee Table Agapecasa Eccentrico Coffee Table Angelo Mangiarotti 

Versions Agapecasa Eros Table

Agapecasa Eros Table Agapecasa Eros Table Angelo Mangiarotti 

Versions Agapecasa Tre 3 Chair

Agapecasa Tre 3 Chair Agapecasa Tre 3 Chair Angelo Mangiarotti 

Agapecasa Furniture

Agapecasa bases its production on re-editions of icons of the past, unique pieces whose knowledge of the sector and new technologies can give a new luster in a new key full of infinite possibilities. Since 2009, the exclusive rights of Angelo Mangiarotti’s archives have been entrusted to Agapecasa from which the “Mangiarotti Collection” was born, a re-edition of original pieces designed by the great designers from the early 1950s onwards.

We are talking about real “monoliths” of the past, examples of pioneering planning, now reinterpreted in perfect agreement with the Studio Mangiarotti. Tables, chairs, bookcases and vases experience a second spring by experimenting with the possibilities of the most modern technologies.

Agapecasa Design

Among the most representative products we mention the Asolo table, the Eros table, Eccentrico, Incas and More. The use of marble and wood find here unique engineering solutions, where symmetries take the place of the most common joints.

Among the seats we mention Clizia, Club 44 and Tre 3, a perfect sculptural and artisan fusion. No less relevant are the Cavalletto and Loico bookcases, an evocative summary of a purely essential design that is not afraid of reducing shapes and colors to a minimum.

Agapecasa Official Dealer

The Agapecasa collections are available in the Salvioni Design Solutions showroom network, displayed within frames designed to enhance their expressive and conceptual potential. These icons of the past come to life with a modern design, capable of summarizing old and new in projects of extreme beauty.