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Annibale Colombo

Salvioni is Annibale Colombo official dealer

With a history dating back to the early nineteenth century, Annibale Colombo is one of the big names in the classic style-furnishing sector. Precious cabinet making with centuries-old knowledge, Annibale Colombo brings back to life the spirit of an era, restoring to modern times the technique of inlay and its refined forms. Annibale Colombo does so without disavowing the experience of the past, but also opening up to the endless possibilities of industrial production through a modern factory of 8,000 square meters, designed by the architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa based in Novedrate.

Annibale Colombo furniture

The furnishings of Annibale Colombo are “classic” from every point of view: the main raw material used is wood, chosen in a palette of over 60 precious essences whose combination is carried out with a precise hand that allows an infinite variety of nuances. The shapes are classic, taken from the french style of the eighteenth century. The typologies are also classic, so next to tables, chairs, sofas, sideboards and bedrooms almost disappeared furniture comes back to life, like the traditional trumeau.

It is the attention to detail and craftsmanship ability in the most complex workmanship that make the furnishings of Annibale Colombo authentic luxury furniture, incomparable with the contemporary production and addressed only to a refined clientele of high level. The craftsmanship of the company allows punctual tailor-made realizations, explicitly thought for the spaces where they will be included. This versatility has allowed Annibale Colombo to be competitive also for important contract projects for high-end hotels and luxury yachts.

Annibale Colombo design

In addition to the traditional collection of classic furniture, the catalog of Annibale Colombo presents a line in which luxury is combined with a more explicitly contemporary taste also thanks to the collaboration with some important designers such as Giovanna Azzarello, Bruno Rainaldi, Carlo Bimbi and the Simone Ciarmoli & Miguel Quada duo. A special project also involved the architect Stefano Boeri, author of the Mettitutto family of rotating containers.

Annibale Colombo official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is the official dealer of Annibale Colombo. Salvioni interior designers are fully available to the customers for housing projects in which design and luxury come together, drawing from products by the best companies in both fields. Salvioni logistics has extensive experience in transport and assembly all over the world.