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Salvioni is antoniolupi official dealer

antoniolupi was founded in 1950 by the intuition of the homonymous founder, in the Florentine village of Cerreto Guidi, a beautiful town immersed in the Toscana hills in the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. Strengthened by the local artistic tradition, the company focused on the exaltation of the Made in Italy quality through the craftsmanship of unique products. With the second generation at the helm of the company, the four sons of Antonio Lupi continued to preserve the tradition without losing the innovative spirit that characterized the brand. Under their guidance, the company confirmed its undisputed leadership in the production of high-end bathroom furnishings.

antonio lupi antonio lupi

antoniolupi bathrooms

The idea of an entirely custom-made bathroom furnishing encloses the production of antoniolupi company that makes the materials research one of its strong points: Flumood is one of its exclusive patents, and it merges the high-performance of solid surface materials with an extreme pleasure to the touch and a high aesthetic impact. Another characteristic material is Cristalpant, whose great versatility works perfectly with the research of personal and tailored solutions. Ecological and resistant, these materials fit perfectly with the wide range of products offered by antoniolupi, such as bathroom furnitures, built-in washbasins and showers. The selection of mirrors and bathroom accessories is very rich too.

The company, in full connection with the tradition of Made in Italy craftsmanship, is also skilled in marble and stones manufacturing: the matter is wisely molded with attention to detail in order to become the very essence of the project. Some examples are the masterful Epoque and Vascabarca baths, made of a Stone Gray block stone. antoniolupi offers different product types suitable for all furnishing requirements, from built-in bathtubs to island baths, from modern showers inspired by the post-industrial style to the classic-style showers.

antonio lupi antonio lupi

antoniolupi design

Common thread of the antoniolupi products catalog is the “sartoriality”, coupled with an innovative industrial approach made possible thanks to long-term collaborations with designers such as Carlo Colombo, Nevio Tellatin and Roberto Lazzeroni. antoniolupi offers versatile products for finishes, sizes and installations, characterized by attention to details and quality in the selection of raw materials.

antoniolupi official dealer

Several bathroom furnishings of antoniolupi are exposed in the Salvioni showrooms of Inverigo and Lugano, available for immediate purchase. Additionally, antoniolupi is the exclusive partner for the Salvioni showroom of Via Durini in Milan where all the bathroom areas of the building are completely furnished by the brand. Salvioni’s interior designers also offer professional advices on customization of the catalog products and tailor-made projects designs according to customer requirements.