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Salvioni is Astep official dealer

Astep was born from the idea and entrepreneurial talent of Riccardo Sarfatti, son of the famous designer Gino Sarfatti, to take up some of the most famous furniture icons of his father and Vittoriano Viganò to give them new luster and expressive possibilities. Astep has its roots in the incredible works created by Luceplan and Arteluce, historic companies specialized in the creation of light fixtures and furniture from which it collects the most noble vestiges renewed in the light of the technological improvements made in the last fifty years. Thanks to this ambitious plan, Astep hopes to bring to light the experience and creativity of the Sarfatti family but not only, to continue the path undertaken by giving life to new icons of contemporary design.

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The creative impulse of Astep has given new life to the genius of Gino Sarfatti, re-editing numerous objects created by him such as Model 2065, Model 566, Model 537, Model 2042, Model 2109, Model 548 and Model 2129. Each of these elements stands out for its beauty as well as conceptual elegance, the result of a balance that sinks directly into the sensorial, almost artistic level. No less relevant are the lamps by Vittorio Viganò, among which we mention the prestigious VV Cinquanta series declined in the different expressions for wall, wall, table, suspension and Twin. But Astep’s genius does not end there, as his catalog features other incredible lamps such as the Nox, the Candela, the Pepa, the Model 2050 and the SB Cinquantotto, each with its own specific personality.

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As mentioned, Astep owes much of its prestige to the genius of Gino Sarfatti and Vittorio Viganò, whose inheritances have been taken up by Gino Sarfatti and revisited in a decidedly more modern and contemporary key, adapting technologies and tastes to our times. However, there are other important designers who have contributed to making the brand famous today, including Francesco Faccin, Francisco Gomez Paz, Alfredo Häberli and Santi & Borachia, each of them endowed with great talent and artistic personality.

Astep official dealer

Salvioni and Astep collaborate to offer the brand’s products to enthusiasts and nostalgics from all over the world. A style solution, that of Astep, unique and decidedly of quality, where every detail is studied to perfection in order to create an object destined to last over time. The Salvioni showroom network located among Como, Milan and Lugano offers Astep products within contexts meticulously studied to enhance their compositional and conceptual value.