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Atelier Vierkant

Salvioni is Atelier Vierkant official dealer

Atelier Vierkant is a company that stands out on the international scene for the production of designer vases of all shapes, sizes and materials. The design line of Atelier Vierkant includes a very heterogeneous panorama of geometries and experiments aimed at expressing a concept of “vase” that goes beyond conventions and becomes a true work of art. Innovative manufacturing techniques combine with artisan traditions from times gone by to create a complete offering, rich in those aesthetic features that have made the company famous throughout the world.

Atelier Vierkant Vases

The production of Atelier Vierkant includes numerous design proposals for indoor and outdoor vases, ideal for those who want to furnish with a certain taste and care that is not usually reserved for complements of this kind. Important is the proposal of the company created precisely to satisfy the most demanding requests.

Atelier Vierkant Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Atelier Vierkant collaborate to enrich the proposal of indoor and outdoor furnishing accessories from all over the world, offering a refined clientele unique and out of the ordinary vase solutions. The artisan quality and aesthetic beauty of the vase collections of this company is the perfect solution for all those who want to furnish domestic spaces and not with something different and qualitatively relevant.