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Salvioni is Athena official dealer

Athena Collezioni is a brand of furnishing fabrics specialized in interior curtains. A fundamental aspect of interior design, and yet all too often overlooked, the choice of curtains contributes decisively to the definitive tone of an environment and therefore to its success. In this perspective, the Athena curtains are a real guarantee: they are in fact made in a highly specialized in-house sartorial laboratory, which can count on over ten years of experience. Those of Athena are real design tents: the research on fabrics is in constant renewal, in a fruitful dialogue between the latest trends in the world of fashion and those of architecture.

Athena curtains

The history of Athena Collezioni begins in 1971 in Brianza: it was founded that year in Cantù by Gemma Modonesi. The company’s first fabrics were designed by Gemma’s husband, the sculptor and painter Aimone Modonesi. Athena Collezioni remains today a family business, with all the passion and flexibility in the answers to the customer that such a structure inevitably brings with it.

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For Athena Collezioni every room is unique, and therefore needs a different approach: that’s why in the large Athena catalog there is space for fabrics of all kinds, from light and transparent linens to velvets with ample drapes. Attention to detail is also found in the choice of tracks, with more technical and minimalist solutions alongside more explicitly decorative ones.

Athena official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is official dealer of Athena Collezioni. The Salvioni group has showrooms in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and stands out from traditional furniture stores for a 360° approach to interior design, in which decorations and coverings are coordinated with the furniture choice, in a unique armonic space.