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Salvioni is Baleri Italia official dealer

Baleri Italia was born thanks to the design work of Enrico Baleri and Marilisa Decimo, a duo who wanted to enhance the most rigorous and functional part of furniture design, creating collections where not only a stylistic but also conceptual order is strongly perceived. The pragmatism of this idea reverberates in the dialogue between the different furnishing elements for the living room, the bedroom and any other space, offering fans of the genre a real selection from which to draw inspiration not only for their own home, but also for more public and diversified spaces.

Baleri Italia Furniture

The numerous Baleri Italia collections include objects in pastel shades and essential designs that reverberate with a taste that goes well with contemporary style, not only Italian, but also international and above all Scandinavian. Among the most iconic creations we mention Bermuda, an armchair of great structural comfort, the Match Point coffee tables whose shapes recall stacked coins, Caprichair, an example of reduced but extremely distinctive seating, the Roundel table and the Mama armchair, both iconic examples of futuristic design.

Baleri Italia Design

The numerous Baleri Italia proposals range from bookcases, sofas, seats, armchairs and chairs, poufs, tables and numerous other elements of daily use sculpted here to minimize waste and embellishments with poor functionality. The Baleri catalog is the result of collaboration with numerous designers and sector studios whose artistic contribution has been able to enrich the already strongly characterized soul of the company. Claesson Joivisto Rune was responsible for the Miss Match sofa, while we attribute the Kin lounge and Paloma armchair to Radice Orlandini Designstudio.

The contribution of the Irvine studio with the Donna chair and Philippe Starck for the Richard III armchair and the Cafe Chair is interesting. No less relevant is Luigi Baroli’s study on the Marì 2015 chairs and Jeff Miller’s work with the series of Bentz and Fratino tables to which is added the Plato collection storage compartment, an example of modular furniture.

Baleri Italia Official Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions has chosen to collaborate with the Baleri Italia company to enrich its catalog with a fresh and highly distinctive furnishing design that enhances the essence and functionality without ever exceeding but rather giving the right value to materials and finishes. The company’s proposals are available in the showrooms of Milan, Como and Lugano to see first-hand the quality and creative flair of each one.