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Baobab Collection

Salvioni is Baobab Collection official dealer

Baobab Collection was born in 2002 in Belgium as a brand dedicated to the production and distribution of high quality fragrances as well as candles and various accessories always dedicated to the scenting of environments. Each Baobab product was created with the intention of creating something unique and establishing a real bond of meaning and function with it. The design is Belgian, home of creativity and elegance, and the workmanship is done strictly by hand to ensure that each product is perfect in every detail.

Baobab Collection candles

The creation of Baobab Collection candles goes through a rigorous hand-made process, where each phase is taken care of to minimize any margin of error and best enhance the quality of each product created. The resulting product is of extreme quality in each of the many variations proposed by the company, differentiated not only by the fragrance – a key element of the research carried out by Baobab – but also by the different materials used for the container and packaging which range from glass to ceramic as well as numerous other variants that offer particularly pleasant tactile and visual sensations.

Baobab Collection design

Baobab production is divided into candles, home fragrances, accessories and numerous body products in a series of collections whose common thread is the search for unique essences, excellent for whatever use you decide to make of them. Whether it is to perfume rooms, insert a stylistic touch into certain spaces, furnish, personalize or even create unique situations wherever the need is felt, Baobab Collection has been able to create the perfect solution.

Baobab Collection Dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and Baobab Collection collaborate to offer their customers the best in home fragrances, with a complete assortment of fragrances and styles that adapt to homes all over the world. Whatever the taste, both companies aim for excellence by creating extremely personalized atmospheres and possibilities. The Baobab candle collections are available in the showrooms of Como, Lugano and Milan, so you can “smell” the unmistakable quality of the brand live.