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Salvioni is Cantori official dealer

The charm of Cantori furniture derives entirely from their craftsmanship, which draws on the great Marche tradition in the processing of metals, combining it with an idea of “Mediterranean luxury” in which the shapes of tradition are mixed with new meanings. The Cantori collections are presented with delicate tones played on the shades of cream white, which recall the atmospheres of the past while remaining strongly imbued with contemporaneity. Initially known for its production of brass beds and wrought iron beds, the company has extended over time its range to all the environments of the house, with tables and chairs, sofas, armchairs, lamps, container boxes and chest of drawers.

Cantori furniture

The activity of the brand began in 1976 near Ancona by Sante Cantori, who had the intuition to exploit in the field of furniture the great skills in the processing of brass and other metals widespread in local crafts. After the first steps entirely dedicated to the bedroom, the company continued to renew its production proposing itself for total look projects, in which the Cantori atmospheres can range in all the rooms of the house.

Cantori design

Cantori presents itself as a fiercely artisan company, far from the excesses of design and linked to a rich and decorated style, but at the same time highly innovative. Since its foundation, the company had the courage to abandon the classic forms of derivation from the nineteenth century, then prevailing in the field of metal beds, offering cleaner and more essential lines. Hereafter, Cantori has also started many collaborations with external designers, such as the french Daniel Rode with its elegant and refined style.

Cantori official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is the official Cantori dealer. The Salvioni showroom network has offices in Milan, Lugano and Inverigo and hosts a team of interior designers specialized in complete residential projects coordinated in every detail. Salvioni logistic has great experience in shipping and assembly all over the world.