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Salvioni is Ceccotti official dealer

Pride of the great Tuscan cabinetmaking tradition, Ceccotti Collezioni was founded in 1956 by the intuition of Aviero Ceccotti. Today, this company maintains the vocation of a luxury craftsman’s workshop, performing  handmade woodworks that characterize all its products. Over the years, the Ceccotti Collezioni has managed to create an unmistakable style, straddling classic suggestions and liberty reminiscences, while remaining firmly anchored to the field of design furnishings. Its products are characterized by sensual and timeless shapes, enhanced by the high quality of the materials.

Ceccotti furnitures collections

The use of solid wood, in particular the American walnut, is the trait d’union that characterizes the entire production of Ceccotti Collezioni. The timeless pieces of Ceccotti Collezioni include furniture for the living room furnishings, accessories and complements for the bedroom and office areas. Tables, chairs, sideboards, beds and bookcases coexist alongside majestic wall systems and executive desks. The Roman architect Paolo Portoghesi was the initiator of this particular style, and in the second half of the 80s he led the company towards modern design reinterpreted according to the very personal taste of the founder.

The new style of the brand does not neglect the craftsmanship of the product that includes furniture for the bourgeois living room characterized by a sinuous and soft silhouettes of Gaudinian inspiration. The influence of the Iberian artist and the style of Art Nouveau are not the only references for Ceccotti Collezioni. The contemporary production of the visionary artist and designer Carlo Mollino from Turin plays a very important role.

Ceccotti Collezioni design

All the Ceccotti collections are characterized by an international style despite the strong link with the territory, a feature acquired thanks to the collaboration with international designers of high caliber. True performers of style, these products are able to create a perfect balance between shapes and materials giving rise to unique pieces, often made in limited editions. Solid wood, precious fabrics, glass and crystals interact with each other thanks to the wise interpretation of Roberto Lazzeroni, Massimo Castagna, Vincenzo De Cotiis, Christophe Pillet and Fabrizia Scassellati.

Ceccotti Collezioni official dealer

Each Ceccotti Collezioni piece of furniture is made up of multiple interlocking parts: unusual shapes that are quintessence of beauty and design themselves, become art when assembled together. Visiting Salvioni Design Solutions showrooms, you can directly view the numerous products in the catalog of the brand displayed in Inverigo and Lugano, also available for immediate purchasing with prompt delivery.