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Salvioni is Cesar official dealer

Expression of excellence and artisan quality, Cesar kitchens are a totally Made in Italy product, born with the idea of respecting certain standards of comfort for all those who find themselves living in the spaces intended for the preparation, conservation and distribution of food. Cesar was born in Pramaggiore where most of the processes and production strength at its disposal are currently concentrated. Cesar offers and distributes throughout the world an object that lends itself to both daily use and special occasions, indispensable for any type of home and defined by high quality standards.

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Versions Cesar Elite Kitchen

Cesar Elite Kitchen Cesar Elite Kitchen  

Versions Cesar Gap Storage Unit

Cesar Gap Storage Unit Cesar Gap Storage Unit Garcia Cumini 

Versions Cesar Intarsio Kitchen

Cesar Intarsio Kitchen Cesar Intarsio Kitchen  

Versions Cesar Maxima 2.2 Kitchen

Cesar Maxima 2.2 Kitchen Cesar Maxima 2.2 Kitchen  

Versions Cesar N_Elle Kitchen

Cesar N_Elle Kitchen Cesar N_Elle Kitchen  

Versions Cesar Platform Table

Cesar Platform Table Cesar Platform Table Garcia Cumini 

Versions Cesar The 50's Bookshelf

Cesar The 50's Bookshelf Cesar The 50's Bookshelf Garcia Cumini 

Versions Cesar Unit Kitchen

Cesar Unit Kitchen Cesar Unit Kitchen  

Versions Cesar Williamsburg Counter

Cesar Williamsburg Counter Cesar Williamsburg Counter Garcia Cumini 

Cesar kitchens

Cesar Cucine offers collections both for private residential use and for contract spaces, declining its highly distinctive style in numerous models of linear, corner, peninsula, island and much more kitchens in order to create the perfect inspiration for all taste requirements. Each creation is available in different finishes and customizations according to needs, also lending itself to innovative solutions for any environment outside the standards.

Cesar design

In addition to the kitchen proposal, Cesar puts into play numerous ideas for home furnishings designed in a more extensive and complementary way than the simple object of common use. In the company catalog we can find ideas for 1950s bookcase and storage systems, containers for different areas of the house, tables and sideboards to complete the proposals for the kitchen, ideal for those who want to create organic environments, where each element is in a strong relationship with the others.

Cesar official dealer

CesarCucine become part of the Salvioni catalog enriching the network of showrooms located in Como, Lugano and Milan. In the spaces dedicated to the home, the dining area and the living area, the brand’s proposals stand out for their quality and beauty, highlighting strongly inspired interior solutions.