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CPRN Homood

Salvioni is CPRN Homood official dealer

CPRN Homood represents one of the many excellences of high-end design, a name that is able to be talked about internationally and always reflects contemporary style and taste. CPRN Homood stands out for the choice of high quality materials aimed at enhancing each product and giving it an almost eternal life. The company’s collection presents itself as a multifaceted universe of creations, each of which is aimed at filling the spaces of the house and any environment where furniture in great style is needed. Among the numerous proposals, one always perceives an eye towards beauty and organicity, where each piece speaks to the others in intimate and strongly inspired collections.

CPRN Homood furniture

CPRN Homood presents itself to the international design market with numerous proposals for tables, coffee tables, armchairs, chairs, sofas, wardrobes, storage units, consoles, bookcases, beds, chests of drawers, bedside tables, chests of drawers and numerous other elements of the home. Every living room, bedroom and home office find their ideal piece of furniture with CPRN Homood, a guarantee of quality and timeless style. In the same way, the company’s numerous collections are able to express extremely high-level taste options, interesting inspiration for anyone who wants to let themselves be guided in the choice of organic and all-round environments, where every detail fits perfectly.

CPRN Homood design

Among the numerous works of the company we mention the Talos table and the Tondo table, suggestive for the abstract and strongly inspired base. The Starlight, Dragonfly and Eclipse chairs, comfortable and generous in shape. The Lucille, Isabel, Sesto Senso and Shapes armchairs, soft and with attention to detail. The Downtown, Cocoon and Blue Moon sofas, modular and available in different sizes to better adapt to daily needs. The Amal and Shapes carpets. But the numerous collections in which the CPRN Homood catalog is declined make it possible to rediscover complementarity in the different proposals in every aspect of the house, passing through the night and day spaces and the different outdoor options.

CPRN Homood official dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions and CPRN Homood collaborate to offer enthusiasts from all over the world a high-end proposal for furnishing their homes. Organic and superbly constructed spaces mark the pace of a brand that has been able to make quality its founding element. CPRN Homood’s proposals are available in the showrooms of Inverigo, Milan and Lugano in spaces specifically cut out to enhance their shape and style.