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Salvioni is Davide Groppi official dealer

Davide Groppi is in many ways a unique figure in the Italian design scene: at the same time, designer and entrepreneur, but also an artist, he stubbornly pursues his own idea of lighting. Davide Groppi lamps interpret light as a true narrative element, so that every product is much more than a simple object, but is sublimated into a real story. A heterogeneous inspiration, often in the wake of the most extreme minimalism, brings Davide Groppi’s creations to reduce the idea to the essential, like haiku of pure light.

Davide Groppi Lamps

Davide Groppi has been creating lights since the ‘80s, starting his activity in a small workshop in the historic center of Piacenza. It began to become known to the public in 1994, when Maddalena De Padova chose her lamps to decorate the windows of her historic showroom of Corso Venezia in Milan. Starting from that, the company met a series of ever-increasing affirmations, which culminated in 2014 with the victory of two Compasso d’Oro in the same year, a success that in the past has only been achieved by the very great Achille Castiglioni and Vico Magistretti.

The products awarded on that occasion perfectly exemplify the poetics of the light of Davide Groppi and the poles through which he moves: the Sampei floor lamp is a real ready made, inspired by the shapes of a fishing rod. The lamp Nothing is a particular form of architectural lighting constituted by a simple hole in the false ceiling from which a sensual radiance is projected into space, in a design that claims its utmost negation.

The ability of Davide Groppi lights to create environments with a strong emotional density led him to collaborate with renowned chefs and star restaurants, such as Massimo Bottura and Massimiliano Alajmo. From these experiences the company has drawn inspiration for the creation of Tetatet, a battery lamp that can be moved freely without the hitch of a thread. The wire becomes the protagonist in its sign and in its twists for the Neuro lamp, which responds to the need to bring light on a table starting from a socket on the ground.

The tension towards minimalism is important in projects such as Infinto, a very thin LED tape stretched from wall to wall or the Moon lamp made of Japanese paper, full of oriental suggestions. The Davide Groppi catalog also contains sudden flashes of irony, as in the wall lamp Edison’s Nightmare by Harry Thaler, amused tribute to the father of the halogen light bulb, or in the outdoor lamp Imu by Omar Carraglia, disguised as a birdhouse.

Davide Groppi design

Wall lamp made in Japanese paper, full of oriental suggestions. Edison’s Nightmare by Harry Thaler, amused tribute to the father of the halogen light bulb, or in the outdoor lamp by Omar Carraglia, disguised as a birdhouse.

Davide Groppi dealer

Salvioni Design Solutions is Davide Groppi’s official dealer. The Salvioni group has several offices located between Lombardy and the Canton of Ticino, in the center of cities such as Milan and Lugano, and Inverigo, in the heart of Brianza del Mobile. The interior designers Salvioni are fully available to the customer for the realization of complete housing projects, in which every aspect is taken care of in the smallest details, including a fundamental element such as the lighting of the rooms.