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Salvioni is Erba Mobili official dealer

Since its foundation in 1958, Erba Mobili has made innovation and the continuous introduction of novelties its focus point. Specialized in the production of bedrooms and modular systems for the sleeping area, this company has over the years refined its art and taste thanks to the collaboration with talented designers and the continuous promotion of new and versatile collections designed to satisfy any customers need.

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Versions Erba Mobili Coast to Coast Walk-in Closet

Erba Mobili Coast to Coast Walk-in Closet Erba Mobili Coast to Coast Walk-in Closet Tarcisio Colzani 

Versions Erba Mobili Easy Wardrobe

Erba Mobili Easy Wardrobe Erba Mobili Easy Wardrobe  

Versions Erba Mobili Freestyle Bookshelf

Erba Mobili Freestyle Bookshelf Erba Mobili Freestyle Bookshelf  

Versions Erba Mobili Geo Wardrobe

Erba Mobili Geo Wardrobe Erba Mobili Geo Wardrobe  

Versions Erba Mobili Lineauno Wardrobe

Erba Mobili Lineauno Wardrobe Erba Mobili Lineauno Wardrobe  

Versions Erba Mobili Luxe Wardrobe

Erba Mobili Luxe Wardrobe Erba Mobili Luxe Wardrobe  

Erba Mobili furnishings

The production of children’s bedrooms began in 1975 through the collaboration with the architect A. Nespoli and his Enne program. Afterwards, the Equipe Series was a success, marked by the introduction of a modern modular Billi program designed to guarantee maximum personalization and modernity.

The success of Erba Mobili continues thanks to the partnership with Pino Boma and its collections Duepuntozero, Navigator, Navigator Junior and Maxi which is the transformation of the traditional bunk bed into a system of fitted mezzanine beds, perfect for following new tastes and trends.

The introduction of walkways, pull-out beds and ladders that can be transformed into bedside tables marks the final transformation of the room in “Barca” where the main goal is the perfect use of the spaces and sizes, perfect to adapt to new housing needs.

Erba Mobili design

Since its foundation, the production of Erba Mobili has been marked by the style and taste of highly talented designers such as A. Nespoli and Pino Boma that even today, with the Rolly and Freestyle collection, has proved himself capable of reinventing the way of furnishing rooms both for children and for teenagers. The latest acquisition is the signature of Tarcisio Colzani (2015), which, with the Coast to Coast collection, has further increased the company’s potential: wardrobes, coat hangers, container supports, work surfaces and lighting elements have found space next to the consolidated Pino Boma ideas giving a further and important starting point for the contemporary tastes.

Erba mobili official dealer

Salvioni has been an authorized dealer of the Erba Mobili brand for years, showing the modular compositions for children’s bedrooms in the Inverigo and Lugano showrooms. The territorial and experiential proximity with the company of Mariano Comense also allows the interior designers Salvioni to accompany the customer in the choice and definition of any furnishing project that includes the sleeping area.