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Salvioni is Esthec official dealer

Esthec is a Dutch company born from the desire to experiment and give a strong innovative boost to the world of outdoor flooring, creating new possibilities that are not only long-lasting but also attentive to the problem of sustainability. This is why Esthec has created a new fiber made up of a mix of natural components, fibres, color pigments and fillers which completely exclude the use of both wood and plastic. The result is a unique, strong and flexible material that is well suited to outdoor contexts such as terraces, balconies, solariums and last but not least, the luxurious walkways of yachts and boats.

Esthec design

Esthec’s strength lies in the full customization of the proposed product. The high level of technology used within the production allows the basic materials to be worked on at any time, creating for each customer the most suitable solution for the desired context. The result is a unique customization, which further enhances the value and beauty of each creation.

Such a result was not achieved by chance. Years of experimentation and improvement have in fact led the company to create a product whose durability far exceeds ten years of constant and prolonged use while keeping the initial conditions almost intact and without ever having an impact on the environment.

Esthec and Salvioni

Salvioni Design Solutions and Esthec have started a collaboration as they both firmly believe in technological progress, sustainability and above all in beauty. Spending the free time outdoors shouldn’t be a privilege destined to disappear, but a real habit for everyone.